Postural Control During Cascade Ball Juggling: Effects of Expertise and Base of Support

Postural Control During Cascade Ball Juggling: Effects of Expertise and Base of Support

Author Rodrigues, Sergio T. Google Scholar
Polastri, Paula F. Google Scholar
Gotardi, Gisele C. Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Aguiar, Stefane A. Google Scholar
Mesaros, Marcelo R. Google Scholar
Pestana, Mayara B. Google Scholar
Barbieri, Fabio A. Google Scholar
Abstract Cascade ball juggling is a complex perceptual motor skill which requires efficient postural stabilization. The aim of this study was to investigate effects of experience (expert and intermediate groups) and foot distance (wide and narrow stances) on body sway of jugglers during three ball cascade juggling. A total of 10 expert jugglers and 11 intermediate jugglers participated in this study. Participants stood barefoot on the force plate (some participants wore a gaze tracking system), with feet maintained in wide and narrow conditions and performed three 40-seconds trials of the three-ball juggling task. Dependent variables were sway mean velocity, amplitude, mean frequency, number of ball cycles, fixation number, mean duration and its variability, and area of gaze displacement. Two-way analyses of variance with factors for group and condition were conducted. Experts' body sway was characterized by lower velocity and smaller amplitude as compared to intermediate group. Interestingly, the more challenging (narrow) basis of support caused significant attenuation in body sway only for the intermediate group. These data suggest that expertise in cascade juggling was associated with refined postural control.
Keywords body sway
postural control
center of pressure displacement
cascade juggling
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Language English
Sponsor CNPq
Grant number CNPq: 458916/2014-5
CNPq: 458775/2014-2
CNPq: 205440/2014-2
FAPESP: 2014/23963-1
FAPESP: 2015/10851-3
Date 2016
Published in Perceptual And Motor Skills. Thousand Oaks, v. 123, n. 1, p. 279-294, 2016.
ISSN 0031-5125 (Sherpa/Romeo, impact factor)
Publisher Sage Publications Inc
Extent 279-294
Access rights Open access Open Access
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