Prenatal diagnosis of gastric and small bowel atresia: a case series and review of the literature

Prenatal diagnosis of gastric and small bowel atresia: a case series and review of the literature

Author Tonni, Gabriele Google Scholar
Grisolia, Gianpaolo Google Scholar
Granese, Roberta Google Scholar
Giacobbe, Annamaria Google Scholar
Napolitano, Marcello Google Scholar
Passos, Jurandir Piass Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Araujo Junior, Edward Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Abstract Objective: To describe seven cases of gastrointestinal tract (GIT) obstructions and to report a skewed review of the literature. Methods: We performed a search of our permanent perinatal database about cases with prenatal ultrasound and MRI diagnosis of gastrointestinal tract obstructions between 2006 and 2013. All cases were followed until hospital discharge and pre-natal diagnosis were confirmed by fetal MRI, postnatal imaging and/or intra-operative findings. Maternal age, parity, gestational age at diagnosis, ultrasound findings, gestational age at delivery, Apgar scores at 1 and 5 min and postnatal outcome have been recorded. Results: We identified seven cases of gastric and small bowel atresia. Karyotype was normal in six cases and abnormal in one co-twin [46, XY dup (20) (qq13.1q13.3)dn] of a dichorionic-diamniotic pregnancy. The mean +/- SD for maternal age, gestational age at diagnosis, gestational at delivery, birth weight and Apgar scores at 1 and 5 min were 30.8 +/- 4.8 years, 29.8 +/- 3.7 weeks, 2507.5 +/- 727.5 g and 5.6 +/- 2.1, 7.6 +/- 1.6, respectively. All fetuses' undergone surgical procedures in the postnatal period and all of them were discharged live from the hospital. Conclusion: Prompted antenatal detection of gastrointestinal tract obstruction using ultrasound proved to be diagnostic in all cases. Fetal MRI aid was a useful complementary diagnostic investigation. Correct pre-natal diagnosis allows adequate counseling, delivery planning and management care by a multidisciplinary team.
Keywords Gastrointestinal Obstructions
Postnatal Surgery
Prenatal Diagnosis
Small Bowel AtresiaIntestinal Hypoperistalsis Syndrome
Ileal Atresia
Duodenal Atresia
Pyloric Atresia
Sonographic Appearance
Postnatal Correlation
Outlet Obstruction
Meconium Ileus
Language English
Date 2016
Published in Journal Of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine. Abingdon, v. 29, n. 17, p. 2753-2761, 2016.
ISSN 1476-7058 (Sherpa/Romeo, impact factor)
Publisher Taylor & francis ltd
Extent 2753-2761
Access rights Closed access
Type Revisão
Web of Science ID WOS:000377256800005

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